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A personal dream, lived day-by-day. The spirit of a family

There are times when hard work and toil, patient waiting and a touch of daring can bring their rewards. Vallobera is the result of this combination, a personal passion devoted to creating absolutely unique wines.

The greatest merit of the project is to be found in the land

From the outset, our Ace card was the in the vines. Our own plantations which were over 50 years old would gradually be supplemented by new plots, chosen with a vision of the future, later adapted to make them ideal for the type of grapes that they would be home to. The basis of our wines lies in the ideal characteristics of each vineyard parcel. Their qualities set the way our range of wines will then be made.

Tradition hand-in-hand with modernity

We have always been concerned to maintain the balance between the legacy we received and the new, technological era. To forget everything we have inherited would be a huge mistake but so would be failing to apply modern techniques and advances. In a world like that of wine, in which there are so many players and where the script is so full of imagination, we must pay the maximum attention to the past and predict the future. Only that way can we achieve success… or at least try to.