History - Vallobera

Our roots

When we decided to lay the first stone of our project, over twenty-five years ago now, the setting and the weight of tradition marked our every step. The generations which had gone before us had already played a part in the conception of our dream.  We lifted it up and taught it how to walk.

The first steps

In 1990, Javier San Pedro Rández, descendent of vine growers, decided to create Bodegas Vallobera along with Ana Ortega, thus becoming the first in the San Pedro family to bottle his wines. It was a family winery whose main aim was to achieve quality wines.

The evolution

The Winery began by selling young wines, made in the classic Rioja Alavesa way, but in 1992 it was decided to introduce a new trend in the wines and began to age them. The first vintage saw 100 casks in which the first Vallobera crianza was produced with the harvest of this same year, 1992.

A short stroll through almost three decades of our existence.
Our treasure chest. Hectares of pride, worry and hard work.
A small sample of our company headquarters  and winemaking facilities.