El Marido de mi Amiga - Vallobera

El Marido de mi Amiga

Semi-sweet white


White Tempranillo, Malvasia and Sauvignon Blanc.


Each variety is fermented separately. The Tempranillo blanco and Malvasía are allowed to complete the fermentation so as to achieve more body and a wider mouth feel. Fermentation of the Sauvignon is stopped early in order to keep the sugar and the freshness supplied by the grape’s acidity. Subsequent blending, obtaining a wine which is balanced in terms of alcohol, sugar and acidity.


Straw-yellow colour.
Aromas of stone-fruits, lychee and tropical fruit nuances.
On the palate we can enjoy the fullness of the wine with its fresh balance and long finish, with a pleasant, balanced aftertaste.


Sushi, cheese and foie.


Bottle of 750 ml.